Prenatal Softgels

Get the prenatal nutrients you need, at the price you will love.

Who should take


If you...

are pregnant or trying to become pregnant

have difficulty metabolizing the synthetic folic acid found in other prenatals

don’t “stomach” traditional prenatal vitamins well

want to ensure your baby is getting the best nutrients for their development

then OBTREX™ ONE is perfect for you!


There are plenty of prenatal supplements out there for you to choose from, but very few have the powerful synergistic effects of OBTREX™ ONE. These powerful little softgels contain specialized ingredients that not only convey maximum health benefits, but also provide you with a comfortable experience during this special time in your life:

Slow-Release Iron

Helps prevent nausea and constipation that comes with traditional iron supplements

Vitamin B6

Helps ward off nausea and morning sickness associated with pregnancy

Omega-3 DHA

Promotes fetal brain, eye, and nervous system development without the risk of mercury exposure associated with fish-derived DHA


A bioactive, easily processed form of folate to help red blood cells develop

The secret ingredient:

It's physician-recommended, backed by science and loved by moms just like you.

Just what your doctor ordered TM

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