The prenatal vitamin power duo — backed by science, loved by moms.

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Relieves morning sickness

Vitamin B-6 helps ward off unpleasant symptoms like nausea that are typically associated with pregnancy.

Boosts mom & baby’s health

Well-tolerated and slow-release Carbonyl Iron, helps mom keep up her energy and treat or prevent anemia. It also aids in neurological development for baby.

Prevents prenatal side effects

Prenatals often cause nausea and constipation. But OBTREX DHA specially formulated to help keep both at bay. Plus, the softgel and caplets are easy to swallow and don't taste bad.

Supports baby’s development

Omega-3 DHA promotes fetal brain, eye, and nervous system development. 100% Bioactive L-Methylfolate helps protect against defects, and promotes healthy cell growth.

OBTREXTM DHA Prenatal Benefits

Gluten Free

Easy To Swallow

Enteric Coated


No Fishy Burp Backs

"I’m done with sending my patients to the pharmacy to pick up their prenatal vitamins.  I have no idea if they ever get what I want for them.  I love the ingredients in OBTREX DHA and my patients have always done really well taking them.  I’m glad they can now purchase these important vitamins directly from the manufacturer."

Ben Miller, MD - Atlanta, GA

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Prenatals are essential to getting mom and baby the support they need. Prenatals aid in all kinds of development for the baby. And while your body’s working overtime to grow a human life, it needs an extra boost to keep going!

Ideally, you’ll begin taking extra folic acid at least 3 months before you become pregnant. Make sure it's a kind of folic acid that's easily metabolized, like the one that’s in OBTREX™ DHA, because proper prenatal nutrition is vital to a baby’s neural development.
However, if you’re already pregnant, don’t stress! You and your baby will benefit from this prenatal any time during your pregnancy.

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