Quickly and gently replenish iron stores

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Packed with key nutrients

The HEMAX™ Bi-Layered Hematinic Caplet is more than just an iron supplement. Each caplet contains 150 mg carbonyl iron, Vitamin C to enhance iron absorption, Vitamin B-12, Copper, Biotin, and L-Methylfolate (to help red blood cells develop).

Gentle, safe, effective

HEMAX™ Bi-Layered Caplets require no additives or coating, for a gradual and gentle absorption of iron. Gradual, prolonged absorption also makes carbonyl iron one of the safest forms of iron available — an important consideration for those with children in the home.¹

Easy on your body

Let’s be real: Many iron supplements are known to have pretty unpleasant side effects, including stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. But, HEMAX™ Bi-Layered Hematinic Caplets are specially formulated to avoid these unpleasantries.

HEMAXTM Benefits


Bi-Layered Tablets

Easy Dosing: One Per Day Or Night

Lactose & Gluten Free

Gradual, Sustained Release


"Hemax is great because it’s an iron supplement that provides more than just iron. It also confers the benefits of Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12, Copper, Biotin, and L-Methylfolate. It’s a true powerhouse."

Adrian Martinez, MD - Dallas, TX

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Iron supplements like HEMAX™ can boost iron levels and help treat or prevent anemia caused by iron deficiency when the amount of iron taken in from your diet is not enough. A simple blood test at you doctor's office can quickly measure your iron level and indicate if you're in need of and iron supplement like HEMAX™.

Nausea and vomiting may occur with higher doses, but they can be controlled by taking the iron in smaller amounts. Ask your provider about switching to another form of iron rather then just stopping.

Carbonyl iron, aka the type of iron found in HEMAX™, is almost 98% pure iron. The caplet slowly releases this iron so it bypasses the stomach and goes right to the duodenum for maximum absorption. The iron later passes to the bone marrow, where it is used to make hemoglobin and red blood cells, which circulate in the body and help supply oxygen to organs and tissues.

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You can buy HEMAX™ Bi-Layered Hematinic Caplets right here! You can also order it through an easy text-to-shop option — just ask your healthcare provider to enroll in shiftMD so you can access this perk!

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