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Keeps those hot flashes at bay

TEMPO™ Hot Flash Relief contains a special formulation of genistein (the primary isoflavone found in soy foods) called geniVida®  , which has been clinically proven to help reduce the incidence and duration of hot flashes.*

No extra hormones here

​​Because genistein functionally mimics the positive actions of estrogen in our bodies, it has been clinically proven to effectively minimize the amount and duration of hot flashes without the use of hormones or drugs.

Night sweats? Never heard of ‘em

Despite the name, TEMPO™ Hot Flash Relief can help with more menopausal symptoms than just hot flashes! The same geniVida®genistein found in this product also makes night sweats a thing of the past.*

TEMPOTM Hot Flash Relief Benefits


Gluten Free

Fast Dissolve Tablets

Vegan Friendly

No Artificial Colorants/Fillers


"TEMPO Hot Flash Relief is like no menopause product I’ve ever come across. It reduces hot flashes and night sweats effectively over time. I love this non-prescription option for my patients."

Susan Steinberg, MD - Wellington, FL

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Menopause is a fact of life, but suffering through it doesn’t have to be. According to Johns Hopkins University, about 75% of all women will experience hot flashes in their lifetime. If you are one of these people — or someone who experiences night sweats brought on my menopause — relief products like TEMPO™ Hot Flash Relief may be right for you.

The minute you’re starting to feel those unpleasant side effects of menopause, it’s time for TEMPO™ Hot Flash Relief! This product is fast-acting — some women may start feeling the benefits of TEMPO™ Hot Flash Relief after just one week of taking one tablet per day. For optimal results, it’s recommended you take TEMPO™ Hot Flash Relief every day for at least three months (12 weeks).

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You can buy TEMPO™ Hot Flash Relief right here! You can also order it through an easy text-to-shop option — just ask your healthcare provider to enroll in shiftMD so you can access this perk!

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