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Boosts folate intake

Up to 50% of women have an impaired ability to convert “regular” folic acid into the active folate that our bodies need. That’s why OBTREX ONE with Bioactive Folate (L-Methylfolate), helps protect babies from brain and spine defects, even when taken by mothers with an impaired ability to break down folic acid.*

Fights off prenatal vitamin side effects

Prenatals are known to cause an upset stomach, but OBTREX ONE contains a combination of essential vitamins and minerals that help the body stay comfortable: Carbonyl iron, a pure form of iron that minimizes the gastric upset often caused by other forms of iron; Vitamin B6, which aids in morning sickness; all in a non-constipating formulation*.

Helps your baby grow strong and healthy

As a good prenatal should, OBTREX ONE benefits both mom and baby in dynamic ways. It utilizes a plant-based DHA — aka, a non-fish omega-3 fatty acid — which helps with fetal brain, retina, and nervous system development, promoting cognitive and visual development and contributing to optimal birth weight.

OBTREXTM ONE Prenatal Benefits



Small All-In-One Softgel

No Burps-Backs


Doctor Recommended

"The L-Methylfolate in OBTREX ONE is a game-changer. It makes it easier for my patients who have trouble processing typical prenatals with folic acid. It’s a more common problem than you think!"

Daniel Hernandez, MD - Miami, FL

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Prenatals are essential to getting mom and baby the support they need. Prenatals aid in all kinds of development for the baby. And while your baby's working overtime to grow a human life, it needs an extra boost to keep going!

Ideally, the moment your future baby becomes a twinkle in your eye. Studies have shown that the first 28 days of conception are vital to a baby’s neural development, but many women don’t even know they’re pregnant at this point! That’s why it doesn’t hurt to start taking your prenatal as soon as you want to start trying to conceive.

However, if you’re already pregnant, don’t stress! You and your baby will benefit from this prenatal anytime during your pregnancy.

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You can buy OBTREX™ ONE Prenatal Softgels right here! You can also order it through an easy text-to-shop option — just ask your healthcare provider to enroll in shiftMD so you can access this perk!

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