Hematinic Tablets

Get the boost of iron you need,

at the price you will love.

Who should take


If you...

have anemia or low iron levels

are experiencing low energy levels or weakness

are pregnant and need the extra boost of iron

have had difficulty tolerating other iron supplements in the past

It is important to note that taking iron supplements when they're unnecessary could harm your health, therefore, always speak to your healthcare professional about getting your iron status tested before taking HEMAX and always follow your healthcare provider's dosage recommendations.


Iron supplements are commonly used to boost nutrition — but not all iron supplements are created equal! HEMAX™ stands out from the pack due to its specifically selected ingredients, each of which serve an important purpose.

Vitamin B-12

Plays an important role in the formation of hemoglobin (red blood cells)

Vitamin C

Optimizes your body’s absorption of iron


An easily processed form of folate to help red blood cells develop

French Vanilla Flavor

No need to pinch your nose to get this supplement down

The secret ingredient:

It’s provider-recommended, backed by science and loved by people just like you.

Just what your doctor ordered™

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